Video Content Workshop – 15 February 2024

Video Content Workshop
Thursday 15 February 
9am - 4:30pm
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Are you a marketing professional, brand manager, or social media assistant struggling to keep up with the evolving landscape of digital marketing? 

 With the constant advancements in tech and the rising demand for video content, it's not easy to keep up. You might be grappling with questions like:

- How do I create compelling video content that resonates with my target audience?
- What tools and techniques should I use to produce professional-looking videos?
- Is it possible to create impactful videos using just my phone?

Manto's MD, Paul and Creative Director, Matt are offering an in-person training workshop specifically designed to address these challenges and equip you with the skills needed to elevate your video content game.

Join us for a day of training, tap into our years of experience, as we teach you the basics of creating social content on your phone -- with lunch included!