Video Toolkit Series Launches

Steve Lamb

No matter what business you’re in, video content is an invaluable tool in telling your story and getting your messages out there. Whether you’re a hard-working business owner or a seasoned professional in brand, digital marketing, communications or PR, the Manto Video Toolkit series is the perfect starting point on your journey to creating powerful video content.

Due to the ever advancing quality of phone cameras we’ve seen a huge rise in user generated content (UGC) for social media, and marketing professionals making their own video content. We know how daunting it can seem getting started, and how frustrating it can be when your videos just aren’t as good as you want, so we’ve created this series to help you make better videos.

Across the series, members of the Manto team will offer their expertise and invaluable tips and techniques to help elevate the quality of your videos.  Drawing on over 30 years’ combined video production experience we’ll share a few of our industry insider secrets along the way.

Headed up by our Head of Post Production, Steve, each bite-sized episode will dive into a different stage of video production from coming up with an idea, right the way through to getting it online, breaking down the essentials for what makes good video content. 

From choosing the right video platform and video format to delivering a seamlessly stitched edit, we’ve got you covered. Struggling to get that perfect shot or torn between video editing software options? We’ve got your back. Our goal is simple: we want to empower you to create great video content. 

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel: Manto Collective for exciting Video Toolkit updates. If you have any burning video questions, give us a shout! We’re always here to help.

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