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TV Advertising within Your Reach

Matt Rolfe

For years, advertising your brand on TV would only be a pipedream with the amount of spend required. As platforms evolve, so do opportunities, and the AdSmart platform by Sky is a really great way for smaller brands to get targeted reach through TV adverts for a fraction of the cost. 

While the demand for online video content is growing by the day, TV still has a place as TV is still regarded as one of the best mediums to advertise on with a huge reach and is effective in both the short and long term. The TV Advertising website has a great collection of stats that proves why TV remains one of the most effective platforms for brands to invest in. 

Generally speaking, there are two general types of TV advert, which are commonly referred to as DRTV (Direct Response TV) and brand. DRTV is intended for a call to action, whether that be calling a number, visiting a website or texting a number. On the other hand, brand adverts are more about raising the profile of a brand and bringing it to people’s attention. 

Manto is a video production company based in Leeds, working nationally for well-known brands, charities and organisations. With seven full-time team members, we are versatile in the types of projects we can take on, from small two-man shoots to larger 10+ crews, with actors and locations. Having produced a number of TV adverts in the last year and a half, we know how to take your message and make it a reality, and create the impact you need.

“AdSmart is accessible, at a £3K minimum media budget and scales from, depending on budgets, we have access to over 1500 attributes from 1st party and 3rd party data providers (Experian, Dunnhumby, Nectar, Twentyci, Game, Mastercard, Acorn). We can run campaigns on a really hyper-local, local authority, postcode and regional basis as well as National too. With the changing landscape and more advertisers being focused on results, it is our aim to drive better outcomes for our customers and provide tracking solutions to prove the value of campaigns through our evaluation processes.”

Rosie Fyfe, Adsmart Regional Sales Manager-Yorkshire



TV Ad budgets

Despite Adsmart being more achievable, it is worth considering all the costs. Generally speaking, you have two costs: production cost and media spend. If you are thinking about spending £80k on media spend for national coverage, then you need to make sure that the advert you’re putting out is good enough to justify that spend. If you use all your budget on the media spend and then only leave £2k for production you’re liable to struggle to get the return you’re looking for.

That’s not to say you have to spend a huge amount on production. Costs can vary hugely depending on the creative, just make sure you’re getting the balance right so that the advert you end up with is one you’re proud of and one which makes the most of the money you’re putting into the media buy.

The Process

Having produced a few TV adverts recently, we’re familiar with the process. Here’s a quick overview of the steps involved:

Creative: This includes scripting and storyboarding so that all parties involved have as clear an idea as possible of what the finished advert will look like from the outset.

ClearCast: This stage happens at pre-production by checking over the script. Any claims that are made are well substantiated before production begins. “This beer cures all your problems!” might struggle to make it through this stage.

Pre-production: Taking the script and turning it into reality. From sourcing actors to locations and a crew to make it happen.

Production: This is where all the pre-production work pays off, and actors; location; props; and scripts all come to life.

Post-production: Editing together the footage so that the message is communicated clearly, along with adding graphics, voiceover, music and colour grading.

ClearCast: Once the TV advert is signed off by the client, we take it through ClearCast for both technical and creative approval.

AdStream: Even after it’s been through one set of technical approval, there is a second stage which when approved is sent directly to the channel ready for play out.

TV Advertising remains a powerful medium – take a look at the Ad we made for the  University of Essex Online.  If you think your brand could do with some TV exposure, get in touch