Rob Burrow MND Appeal

The Power of Video Marketing for Charities

Paul Broadie

Did you know that video marketing is incredibly effective to reach out to potential donors and get them interested in your charity?

In fact, studies have shown that 57% of people who watch nonprofit videos go on to make a donation. So if you’re looking for ways to boost your fundraising efforts and raise awareness of your cause, consider using video as part of your content strategy. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the power of video marketing for charities. Specifically, we’ll discuss how video can be used to increase donations and engage potential donors. We’ll also provide helpful tips on how you can get started with video marketing for your charity. 

How to become a better storyteller

Videos are a powerful and engaging way to share the story of your charity and most importantly your community​​ beneficiaries, donors and supporters. It’s an easy way to show how donations impact people’s lives and highlight work done by your charity and its impact. Through sharing user-generated video content you can celebrate all the wonderful supporters out there who are busy going the extra mile to raise funds for your cause. This not only makes for exciting and varied content, but it also presents an opportunity to build deeper relationships with your supporters. Authenticity is the key to a successful social media video campaign and could be just what your video needs to go viral.

Sharing your videos on social media

Videos can be shared on all social media platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter so that even more people see what your charity is doing. Each platform has different video sizes so plan from the start which channels you aim to post on before you start filming. You can check the specs out here.

Social media drives 57% of traffic to fundraising campaign pages and acts as a great communication tool to inform your supporters how much money has been raised so far. It’s been hugely successful for our clients for reach and engagement.

Boosting Leeds Hospitals Charity’s Appeal

We worked with Leeds Hospitals Charity to create a video for the ‘Rob Burrow MND Centre Appeal’ shown on regional TV and shared across the charity’s social media channels. Our video was viewed over 2k times and shared over 100 times, on Facebook alone. This boosted their fundraising and helped them to spread the word and increase engagement.

Choosing Manto as your charity’s video partner​​

The production quality of your videos should always be a top priority when creating an impactful charity campaign. Partnering with Manto will ensure that you have professional-looking content for all of your audiences and optimised across all of your channels. We’re experienced video professionals who understand how important it is not only to create compelling footage but to act as an extension of your marketing team.

By using video marketing, your charity can connect with potential donors in a more personal way and inspire them to get involved. If you want help with creating video content for your charity, get in touch or phone 0113 2692 814.

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