The Power of Storytelling and Connecting with your Audience

Paul Broadie

I think there is something within all of us, a hardwired part of every human, that connects with stories.

Whether that is sitting at the feet of a grandparent as they relive their experiences of the World War or giving in to the temptation of the ‘episode auto-play’ on Netflix to find out what happens next, or even just having coffee with a friend as they retell that hilarious, stomach-aching anecdote from years ago.

The need for stories is deeply rooted in our very nature.

Throughout history, humanity has been telling its story through pictures and words. From caveman carvings and Egyptian hieroglyphics to TV documentaries and Instagram stories.

I love to listen to stories but what I love more is telling a story, especially through visuals. Moving frames that captivate imaginations, connect with emotions, provoke a reaction.

Filmmaking is a way I choose to tell stories.

The first video I ever created was of a family day trip. I had a small, pink digital camera, willing thespians and iMovie on my laptop, what more could I have possibly needed.

My aim was never to create a technical masterpiece, it was simply to make my family laugh during a difficult time….and that it did. I suppose that was the moment I realised I had found a gift I loved and which I wanted to invest more in.

Over the next few years, I saved up all the money I could to buy myself a DSLR camera, some lenses and better editing software. I spent a lot of time reading, watching videos and talking with other filmmakers to better my skills and improve my technique but I spent more of my time just going out and capturing life around me, learning as I went.

I will never forget the first wedding I was asked to film. The Bride had asked for raw footage of the wedding vows and speeches. I didn’t have a clue how to get audio from a microphone, I had brought the wrong plate for my tripod and I only had one battery for my camera! A very steep learning curve was experienced that day.

There have been many nerve-wracking and quite frankly way beyond my skillset situations that I have had to throw myself into over the years, but I believe it is only through doing so that I have learnt all the things I have and why I find myself where I am today.

So here I am, a self-taught filmmaker and the newest member of the Manto family.
I have to say, having this opportunity to work at Manto alongside such accomplished, skilful and creative (oh and also very funny) filmmakers is an absolute privilege.

“I have a desire to tell stories. And I’m never quite satisfied” ~ Martin Scorsese