Taylors of Harrogate: Out of Home

Matt Rolfe

Watch the advert.

Taylors Out of Home Coffee Bags advert was tons of fun to make and the client really loved our idea and execution. This article helps explain our thought process, and how we achieved the end result. 

The primary focus of the video was capturing the attention of B2B and hospitality owners to increase awareness of the product, explain the process and therefore increase sales. Our aim was to showcase Taylors’ Coffee Bags in a hotel setting, emphasising their usage and underscoring the exceptional quality of the coffee they offer.

We came up with a few ideas, which, with some helpful feedback from the client strayed away from mocking other brands, and simply focusing on the quality product that Taylors has to offer. 

Our concept showed how many different people in a hotel room might enjoy a coffee bag and wrote a script that helped talk about the benefits, choosing a business person, a family and a couple as our actors. To avoid a hard-sell approach, we employed a diverse cast of actors and a jump-cut style finishing each other’s sentences, enhancing engagement and entertainment value.

The filming day presented unique challenges, especially as we worked in a real hotel room during scorching weather. The trickiest bit we found was creating a tabletop for the coffee bags to sit on. If there was a coffee table already there at the right height, this would have been easy! This called for us to buy some laminate flooring and attach it to a workbench so we could get the height exactly right for our needs.

We had three crew members on the day. Steve took the role of director, keeping a close eye on the script and directing our actors. Matt took the role of producer in the pre-production phase, and DP on the day, and Josh was a very useful runner helping us with five actors, make-up artists, props, location and client. 


Doing this style of jump cut match frame is very tricky, especially in a small hotel room with so many of us plus lighting and camera. As much as we avoided it, the camera did move, which meant we spent a while matching the frame of the coffee mug in post-production so that it was seamless. 

Although the video looks effortless, it took three of the Manto team, two carloads, and one long filming day in a hotel room to get the video right. We’re really happy with the results, and more importantly, so is the client!

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