Powerleague’s ‘Relentless’ Year in Motion

Paul Broadie

We teamed up with Powerleague, the premier destination for five-a-side football, to craft a compelling video for their upcoming annual conference. The annual conference is an opportunity for their colleagues from 42 Clubs, venues and support offices to come together and reflect on the previous year’s achievements, to have a good time, and set up the focuses for the New Year. 

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The Brief

To create a short video highlighting key moments from the previous year both within Powerleague and the wider world. The video should be inspiring, uplifting and focus on one of our values: ‘Relentless’— which was the theme of the conference. The content should invoke positive emotion and inspire colleagues to be ‘relentless’ across 2024 in everything they do.

Our Approach

We took a unique approach by aligning Powerleague milestones and global events with specific months of the year. This not only provided a chronological narrative but also reinforced the interconnectedness of Powerleague with the world around it. By intertwining these moments, we aimed to showcase the relentless spirit that drives the company forward.

Motion graphics was our medium of choice to bring this narrative to life. With dynamic visuals, vibrant colours, and fluid animations, we were able to convey the energy and vitality inherent in every aspect of Powerleague’s journey. 

The primary focus of this video was to demonstrate to all Powerleague staff members the achievements they’d made over the past 12 months, the impact each employee had on the previous year and how they can support future growth moving forward. We aimed to create a bold, fast-paced, stand-out animation that shouted about these accomplishments.

Powerleague shared their brand guidelines with us early in the pre-production process after some discussions they gave us full creative freedom to push the limits of what was possible with their existing brand identity. 

Charlotte, Manto’s Motion Designer says, “We began this stage of the process by jumping into Illustrator where I started to create a range of style boards to help demonstrate to the client how we could push their current brand identity further to create a distinctive look and feel and create a unique visual approach for video content. 

Together with the client, we structured a script that ran in chronological order, this took us through events, stats, and accomplishments that happened throughout the year. We also included major news reports and sporting events to help visually keep the viewer on track with the monthly timeline approach. 

This stage of the process helped us ensure that the client was fully on board with our vision for the motion graphics. We knew using motion graphics paired with elements of fast-paced video footage would help us to tell our story effectively whilst adding value to our content and keeping our audience engaged.” 

The Result

Powerleague was such a fun first project to work on. We created the exact energy, drama, and wow factor that it needed, and the client was so chuffed with the final outcome. Colleagues at the conference said, ‘It was the best we’d ever produced,’ and the CEO’s verdict was ‘excellent’—We’ll take that!

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