Percy – The Lounge Chair with Personality

Paul Broadie

Client: NaughtOne Furniture

Watch the film

Manto created this launch film of the new Percy chair created by the premium commercial furniture manufacturer NaughtOne.

Designer, Nicole Marion, was inspired by the simple and functional design of 1970s waiting room chairs where only two elements marry to create a statement-making chair: the bold graphic outline of the frame and the plush, cushioned upholstery.

Our film targets commercial interior designers and office design and fit-out companies. Through showcasing Percy’s elegant simplicity and practical yet playful design, we effectively conveyed this message.

Our key aim with this project was to find a way to properly tell the design story of the Percy chair in a relatively short space of time while allowing the film to feel like it has room to breathe; ensuring it didn’t feel rushed.

The film was built around the interview with the Percy chair designer, Nicole Marion, who was based in Canada. We collaborated with a local production company (Kicker Films) in Winnipeg, who filmed Nicole, with us directing via Zoom. We worked closely with them to ensure that the interview setup aligns with the overall style of the film, reflecting NaughtOne’s brand image and showcasing quality and artistry.

We wanted her storytelling to feel natural and organic, not scripted, but the running time meant it required a level of concision and precision which we achieved through coaching Nicole through the process. Although NaughtOne had a meticulous brand style/voice they wanted us to produce something that stood apart from their previous video work which tended to have more of a minimal approach to showcasing their range of products.

Drawing inspiration from the film ‘Rams’ we created a film in which the composition of every shot was considered and deliberate, allowing each frame to tell a story in itself. This helped us to marry the clean, light, minimal style of the product images with the busier, more richly coloured setting of the factory without the two clashing. We focused on the textures, broad and bold colour palette and the intricacies of the many processes that all come together in the production of each chair. We used the sounds of the ‘making’ to compliment the elegant, contemporary score.

Our collaborative efforts with NaughtOne and the talented designer Nicole Marion resulted in a launch film that not only effectively communicated the story behind the Percy chair but also showcased its unique blend of simplicity, functionality, and playfulness. By balancing meticulous attention to detail with a fresh and engaging approach, we were able to produce a film that stands apart from previous works, giving an international flavour, while remaining true to NaughtOne’s brand identity.

Through thoughtful composition, rich visuals, and immersive storytelling, we captured the essence of the Percy chair’s design journey, inviting viewers to experience the craft and quality synonymous with NaughtOne.

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