New Brand Video for Conker Furniture

Paul Broadie

Having recently completed the brand video project for Conker Furniture – and with outstanding results – our team is extremely proud of the final product, as we were granted the creative freedom to push the limits of what was possible. The success of the project was a testament to the strong relationship established between our team, the brand consultant, and the client. 

In this brief interview, Rachael Fox, Brand Manager at Lead Talent Management Consultancy shares her experience working with us in her role as the project lead for Conker Furniture.

  • Racheal, tell us a bit about you

With a background in Broadcasting and 11 years in Education, I now work for Lead Talent Management Consultancy as a member of the Brand Team. My role involves helping businesses bring their brands to life and providing support in executing long-term brand strategy.

What is Lead Talent Management Consultancy speciality, and how did Manto help with this project?

Lead Talent Management Consultancy provides SMEs integrated support through strategy, talent and brand. Our expertise lies in coordinating the best and most relevant resource to deliver our vision.

  • Give us an overview of the Conker Furniture video project

The Conker Furniture video was just a piece of a larger puzzle. Lead Talent Management Consultancy had been working with the company for months prior to its creation, providing support in building the business strategy, managing recruitment, revamping the brand proposition, and updating the visual identity.

  • What was the creative process like between Lead Talent Management Consultancy and Manto?

Starting with a defined set of brand guidelines and narrative to shape the brand proposition, Manto collaborated with us to bring our vision for Conker Furniture to reality. Manto provided clear direction in their proposal to bring a creative touch to the brief and spent time on set getting to know the brand, its story, and the people behind it. Manto quickly grasped the essence of the brand and was willing to take creative risks to produce a captivating and thought-provoking film. The result was a brand video that put the people at the heart of Conker Furniture at the forefront, as the true heroes of the story.

As well as Manto’s creative input and exceeding expectations in the edit, the close working relationship served to really understand the brand story, and execute it on point.

  • What benefits could Manto bring to other agencies?

Manto has a unique talent for creating content that elicits powerful emotions, combining a corporate message with a captivating and moving story. This approach brings a raw and authentic quality to the final video product, elevating it to a level of high quality and impact.

Manto is a video production company in Leeds. Creating boundless video for bold brands. If your business needs a brand video, get in touch!