Meet The Team: Paul, Director

You will have seen over the past few months that members of our Manto team have shared thoughts on lots of different topics. We look forward to posting more blogs about the work we do and the things that inspire, motivate and challenge us.

However, first we would like to introduce ourselves more fully and so over the next few weeks our blogs will shine a spotlight on a different team member. We hope you enjoy getting to know the Manto team as much as we enjoy working together!

First up is Paul.

Paul set up and is the director of Manto Films. He does a fantastic job at heading up the team and through his encouragement and passion to create, has a great ability of getting the best out of each of us.


Paul, when did you first get interested in film?

I grew up in a film loving family but I really got interested in it when I was about 16. We had a film club at school and I remember watching ‘La Haine’ and ‘Grosse Pointe Blank’ and being really captivated by them both in totally different ways. That set me off on a journey of learning about the process behind them.


What’s your favourite project you’ve ever worked on?

I think the Me vs Me project we produced last year. We shot some of the best stuff we’ve ever shot but more importantly I think the idea behind it was really strong and I love how the message comes across.


What film have you watched more times than any other?

Die Hard. I tried to work it out once and I reckon it could be about 30 times that I’ve watched it. It’s proper old school popcorn magic, with real wit, real tension and great action. I pretty much know it off by heart. “Hans! Bubby! I’m your white knight.”


What do you get inspired by?

Tons of things. Great films/videos, brilliant novels, the incredibly talented people around me at work and at home… I guess my personal one is the sky. I sometimes try to explain that to people and end up sounding pretty stupid. There’s something about the scale of it; the fact that it’s always changing; when that late afternoon light makes it seem to come alive. I’m a big fan.


Which cartoon character portrays you the best?

I’m not sure if this counts but I’d go with Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. I definitely value time alone with my imagination and filter reality through layers of make-believe. And I have spiky hair.


Favourite flavour of ice cream?

Strawberry Cheesecake Haagen-Dazs. If it’s not also your favourite flavour then, honestly, you’re wrong. It’s life changing.


Are you a morning or a night person?

Morning definitely. I love the peace and quiet of an early morning. I’m rubbish at late nights, takes me days to recover.