Why you should work with us

Online film offers brands an unprecedented opportunity to speak directly to an audience, but competition is fierce. In a near-infinite world of content, brand marketing relies on its ability to capture – and hold – a viewer’s attention. At Manto, compelling film is our speciality.

We’re creative

Film is a science, but it’s also an art. It uses a series of finely detailed processes to capture and provoke emotion, and breathe life into ideas. We love every part of the journey and relish the chance to flex our creativity at every stage, from concept to completion.


We’re responsive

Relationships matter – and we strive to build good ones. Creating work that represents a brand is a position of trust, so we take it seriously. That means acting with professionalism and integrity, and always being approachable, responsive and flexible.

We’re precise

Making films that feel finely crafted takes a healthy dose of detail obsession. Tuning a cut by a fraction of a second, waiting 30 minutes for the sun to break from behind the clouds, tailoring the final files to perfectly fit their social platforms… we always work with precision, because small changes make a big difference.





Head of Production


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