We always love working for Bettys and were particularly excited when they approached us to produce a film about craft. They were interested in examining the parallels between the processes they use in their amazing Craft Bakery, and those used by Royal Crown Derby who they had recently commissioned to create the beautiful chinaware for the newly launched Lady Betty Afternoon Tea. Royal Crown Derby are a worldwide name and one of the oldest manufacturers of porcelain in the country. Unlike many other companies they still use a huge number of craft techniques in the manufacture of their products. It was a real privilege to spend a fascinating day filming at their factory in Derby, and we then spent another day filming back in the Bettys Craft Bakery.

As the film started to come together it became clear that we had struck on something really fascinating. Some of the links between the two craft processes are pretty remarkable, and the final film has ended up being a really interesting (and, I think, beautiful) study in the use of traditional craft techniques in modern manufacturing.