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We were thrilled to be approached earlier in the year by Grayling PR about filming a series of video for their client Canned Food UK featuring their brand ambassador, TV chef James Martin.

Canned Food UK are an organisation that promotes the benefits of cooking with canned and tinned food, and James Martin has been working with them for a number of years. So early in September a crew headed from Leeds down to Hampshire for a full day at James’s house, in the demo kitchen he has had built specifically for filming. James was a pleasure to work with and it’s great to have a location which is tailor made for filming. The layout of the building allowed us to put our third camera (operated by Tom) over the cooking area to get a great ‘bird’s eye view’ shot of the cooking. This not only added a key additional slice of visual interest to the final videos, but provided a great angle to view the cooking action, helping to viewers to really get the most out of the recipes.

From our full day of filming we have produced 6 recipe video which will be released via Canned Food UK’s social media platforms over the course of a few months. Having completed the cookery filming (and eaten the best location lunch we have ever had!) we went on to shoot a series of pieces to camera with James, for CFUK to use, including promotions for their Twitter and Facebook, and a number of hints and tips relating to cooking with canned food. All in all a highly successful shoot!