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2015 was in many ways the most prosperous year for Manto. We worked with a number of new clients on various exciting projects (Fit For Keeps, Bettys & Taylors Group, Ketel One Vodka); we produced a hugely successful video for the Bettys Easter Imperial Egg, which received over 6 million views online; we really upped our game with motion graphics and animation, getting the opportunity to work on projects with a lot of attention to detail; we got our hands on some new filming equipment such as new lenses, an external monitor, and recently, a hand held camera stabiliser; we took on a new team member, George, who has a great range of skills and a history working in film production, playing extras and music (welcome to the team).

Perhaps the biggest way in which Manto has evolved in the past year was getting a clear picture of where we want to take the business, and what we want to be producing. Our work is, and always has been, producing video content for whoever needs it, in whatever way then need it. Be it for advertising, training, PR & events. But when we’re producing any of this content, we feel particularly inspired, not by “videos”, but by “films”.

Many of our ideas for creating interesting camera angles, cool animations and slick edits comes from either featuring length films, TV series’ or high end advertisement commercials. With this in mind, we’ve started the process of marketing ourselves in the direction of the work we want to be producing, which is films, and changed our name to Manto Films.

Of course, we still offer “video production” in the broadest sense, to whoever needs it. But we like to think our inspiration is noticeable in all our work. Weather it be a simple turn up and capture footage on the day, or a more lengthy process of location scouting, recce’s, storyboarding and several day shoots, we look for opportunities to create something artistic.

2015 was a fantastic year because not only did we get to capture footage and create edits of fascinating happenings, such as chocolatiers, tree planting and neon sculpting; but we also had projects where we were more involved with the initial concepts and directing. We love all parts of film production, and can’t wait to dive into the process from start to finish. Here’s to an epic 2016 in film production.