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5 Tips for using video on Facebook

The battle between Facebook and YouTube to be people’s go to video platform rages on. YouTube is still seen as most people’s first port of call for video (steer clear of the comments section though, it’s infested with trolls), however when it comes to video advertising the pull of Facebook’s almost creepily well targeted ads […]

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We are hiring!

We are looking for an editor/camera operator to join the team here at Manto Films. If you’re a talented and passionate filmmaker and would like to join us then head over to the jobs page and send us an application. #doit

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New job

2015 has been a fantastic year for us at Manto Films, taking on some brilliant new clients and producing work that we’re really proud of. To ensure that we can continue to deliver to the high standard that our clients expect of us we are looking for a new member of the team. It will […]

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The launch of Manto Films

We’ve enjoyed our snappy little domain, but it has caused us a host of problems so we’ve decided to switch over to this brand new one, The new domain reflects the increasing size, scope and quality of the projects we’re working on, and our focus on the art of filmmaking. Our email addresses […]

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The power of telling stories

We were delighted when one of our longstanding clients Cascade HR approached us about using a video on their website to tell a story about how the HR and Payroll software they produce has become key to the day to day working of one of their customers. We have found that people connect so much more readily with stories than they do with facts and figures, and video is perhaps the most engaging way of telling stories. What Cascade wanted to do was not to show all of the features that their software has, great as they are, but rather to show the difference that it makes to an HR manager’s work.

We didn’t want to just have a testimonial video saying how great the software is, what we wanted to do was to tell a story, showing a glimpse into the day to day life of an HR manager (Cascade’s target market); showing the responsibilities they have and the challenges they face and then seeing how Cascade’s software helps them do their job better. We used the brilliant Google Stories videos as our starting point and Cascade approached one of their clients, Sika Ltd in Preston, about being featured in the video, to which they kindly agreed.

As a manufacturing company with an onsite R & D facility, Sika provided us with a perfect visual backdrop; lots of staff working in a range of different environments. We spent a full day with a two camera crew working our way around their facilities and ended the day filming interviews with Sarah, the HR manager, and Claire, the HR advisor.

The finished video definitely shows the importance and value of the Cascade system, but it does that by telling a story and it’s that that makes it work. Have a watch and let us know what you think!



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James Martin

We were thrilled to be approached earlier in the year by Grayling PR about filming a series of video for their client Canned Food UK featuring their brand ambassador, TV chef James Martin. Canned Food UK are an organisation that promotes the benefits of cooking with canned and tinned food, and James Martin has been […]

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Video for the web and in particular video for social media is becoming an increasingly crowded marketplace. At Manto we’re always looking for ways to make our clients’ videos stand out from the crowd. Earlier in the year we invested in a new camera which, among many other amazing things, allows us to shoot stunning […]

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